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Become a Deputy Registrar

Do YOU want to affect change?

Do YOU want to make a difference?

Get INVOLVED – Be a Cook County Deputy Registrar!

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Chi Alpha Omega chapter is sponsoring Cook County Deputy Registrar training in Schaumburg, Illinois. We understand the importance of this vital role and thus are bringing the training to you! Now it’s your chance to get involved to make a difference. If you want to affect change, then you must be the change. Decide to be part of the solution today and sign up for training! Click here to register.

  • By becoming a Cook County Deputy Registrar you will be playing a crucial role in the democratic process by registering eligible citizens to vote!

  • To qualify for training, you must be a Cook County registered voter. If you are not a Cook County registered voter, you can register at the training location listed below. To register, you must have two forms of identification; one MUST include a current address.

  • Training will be conducted by Mr. Jonathan Williams, Manager Community Services, Office of Cook County Clerk David Orr

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